Company Origins

For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to entrepreneurship. There is something fascinating about an individual that is willing to risk-it-all in an effort achieve a dream.  Before the word entrepreneur was trendy or mainstream, it was the occupation that only crazy folks were willing to pursue. Only someone who wasn’t sane would forego a lifetime of job security and a steady paycheck for the very distant mirage of small business success. Some 30 years ago, entrepreneurial glory was reserved for those with last names like Gates, Jobs, or Dell. However, today is a new day and no longer is the term entrepreneur misunderstood. For many of us, small business ownership has become a goal that we aspire to—the new American Dream.

What I remember most about my own love affair with small business are the tales of courageous men and women willing to risk it all on a chance to see their own small business dreams come true. Something about those stories struck a chord with me early on, and looking back it’s clear to see that I was destined to be an entrepreneur. From my days of running small enterprises as a kid, to my first real successful venture as a collegian I have always known that this is what I was meant to do. Yet somehow The Entrepreneurial Spirit, which had lived deep within me from early on, had taken a back seat to working for advertising agencies, media companies, and dotcoms.

So one morning there I stood in the wee hours, looking out of the window with this burning desire to create something new.  At the time the idea was in its infancy, but maybe this new company would be one created for entrepreneurs by someone that knew the environment well.  Somehow I knew that what I was working toward had nothing to do with climbing the corporate ladder or becoming ridiculously wealthy or even famous. Instead, I was pursuing a life that would provide me with more time to spend with those I cared about most, more control over my future, more happiness and fulfillment from my work and sure a little more money would be nice. In pursuing my own dream, maybe I could show others how to do the same as well.

In my effort to create this new company, I would wake up at roughly five (or earlier) each morning, fire up the coffee pot, and make my way to my desk. It was there in those quiet hours that I would begin grinding out my business ideas  and  dreams  over  a  homemade Cup o’ Jo. This daily, sleep-deprived ritual of coffee and  business  became  my comfort zone of sorts, a place of peace and quiet in a hectic day for me to get some work done toward achieving my goals. So it was only natural that when I decided to name my company that I named it after the moment and place in time where business and coffee converged . . . and thus The Entrepreneur Café, LLC, was born.

As I reflect on my own experiences, I can honestly say that The Entrepreneurial Spirit Lives. It exists in all of us as that voice heard ever so subtly that won’t let our dreams die.  Why do you want to go into business for yourself? More Money, More Time, More Control or More Happiness!  It could very well be none of these reasons. Maybe it’s simply that nagging feeling screams out, “You were put here to do something greater”.  Or maybe you started a task long ago that if left undone will never be completed by anyone else.  I am proud of the role that The Entrepreneur Cafe, LLC has played in the lives of countless individuals and companies in the pursuit of their own small business dreams.  I invite you to fire up your own coffee pot, pull up a proverbial chair, get comfortable, and explore how The Entrepreneur Café, LLC can help you tap into your own entrepreneurial spirit!