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The Entrepreneur Cafe, LLC wants to Connect With You on social media. If you are an entrepreneur, small business owners, or an individual that is interested in our company be sure to 'Like' us on Facebook, 'Follow' us on Twitter, 'Connect' with us on LinkedIn, and 'Share' with us on Instagram.  Be sure to check back with this page to learn more about applying social media to your small business.


1. Look for ways to turn your social media followers into followers that engage your company in the creative process.

2. Follow others that are successfully manuevering  the social media landscape. You'll learn something interesting and new and get a few more followers in the process.

3. Put yourself in the audiences' shoes, when it comes to content posted on social media . . . the reader should come first.

4. With so many social media platforms to choose, it's important to know the demographics and psychographics of the user base and how it fits into your overall business plans.

5. If you conduct live events of any kind, it may be time to rethink how you strategically use social media during these events.



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