Our Team



Look up the word entrepreneur in the dictionary and you'll likely see a picture of Cavanaugh smiling.  Cavanaugh is a lifelong entrepreneur and  the Director of Business Developement for The Entrepreneur Cafe, LLC.  His approach to business development centers on business model strategy, long-term business planning and brand focused marketing  strategies for pre-startups, startups and growth companies.  His diverse startup experience allows him to see the often overlooked interrelated  issues among a small business' management, marketing and finances. Cavanaugh's goal is to help clients operate on a larger business platform, access areas of expertise, utilize creative low to no cost marketing techniques, and to grow with limited financial resources and investment.  He has a unique ability to connect with individuals of diverse backgrounds.  As a small business development specialist, Cavanaugh has been able to combine practical and theorectical entrepreneurship at the college level, has written a book on small business management, and used social entrepreneurship to address issues related to aiding homeless families.



Affectionately known to us as ZhaoZhao here at The Entrepreneur Cafe, LLC she brings a unique perspective to the business development work we do for our clients.  Coming to us from an entrepreneurial, manufacturing family in China she uses her exceptional market research skills to provide solid data for new product and service development and launches.  Within the scope of The Entrepreneur Cafe, LLC's business and strategic planning, marketing strategy, visual communications and entrepreneurial education work done on behalf of clients, ZhaoZhao brings a very global planning perspective to all of our projects.  Her international approach to helping develop business models, create business and strategic plans allows The Entrepreneur Cafe, LLC to provide our clients with an opportunity to expand thier existing markets.  In all that she does her winning personality shines through and is a pleasure to work with.  ZhaoZhao is passionate about children's issues and global outreach programs.



Darryl's love for the arts was born of comics . . . in particular Spider-Man and Silver Surfer.  He would later take that love of art to Savannah College of Art and Design graduating with a degree in Sequential Art.  Darryl is a rare artistic talent that has the ability to combine illustrations, graphic design, and web development in order to create a unique brand identity for our clients.  In a word Darryl makes your marketing easy.  In 2005 Darryl launched Splattered Ink and has been primarily responsible for crafting the visual and overall artistic direction for all aspects of The Entrepreneur Cafe, LLC  including marketing collateral, web development and branding.  When it comes to design, Darryl has a unique philosophy which includes working closely with clients to develop ideas and providing them with the marketing tools they need to help develop and grow their businesses.  He's one of a kind and only Darryl could translate our unique company name, The Entrepreneur Cafe, LLC, into that amazing visual logo of a coffee cup using two letters of the company's name.