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Motivational Moments: A Presidential Sized Failure

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I have heard it said that every failure brings you one step closer to success.  Take look at this ‘Portrait of an Underachiever’.

  • Failed in business

  • Bankrupt (1832)

  • Defeated for the legislature (1832)

  • Fiancé dies (1835)

  • Suffers a nervous breakdown (1836)

  • Defeated for the U.S. Congress (1843)

  • Defeated again for Congress (1846)

  • Defeated for U.S. Senate (1855)

  • Defeated for U.S. Vice President (1856)

  • Defeated again for U.S. Senate (1858)

  • Abraham Lincoln Elected President of the United States of America (1860)

Never stop trying, never stop believing because you only fail if you quit!



Cavanaugh L. Gray

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