Look up the word entrepreneur in the dictionary and you'll likely see a picture of Cavanaugh smiling.  Cavanaugh is a lifelong entrepreneur and  the Director of Business Developement for The Entrepreneur Cafe, LLC.  His approach to business development centers on business model strategy, long-term business planning and brand focused marketing  strategies for pre-startups, startups and growth companies.  His diverse startup experience allows him to see the often overlooked interrelated  issues among a small business' management, marketing and finances. Cavanaugh's goal is to help clients operate on a larger business platform, access areas of expertise, utilize creative low to no cost marketing techniques, and to grow with limited financial resources and investment.  He has a unique ability to connect with individuals of diverse backgrounds.  As a small business development specialist, Cavanaugh has been able to combine practical and theorectical entrepreneurship at the college level, has written a book on small business management, and used social entrepreneurship to address issues related to aiding homeless families.

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