Darryl's love for the arts was born of comics . . . in particular Spider-Man and Silver Surfer.  He would later take that love of art to Savannah College of Art and Design graduating with a degree in Sequential Art.  Darryl is a rare artistic talent that has the ability to combine illustrations, graphic design, and web development in order to create a unique brand identity for our clients.  In a word Darryl makes your marketing easy.  In 2005 Darryl launched Splattered Ink and has been primarily responsible for crafting the visual and overall artistic direction for all aspects of The Entrepreneur Cafe, LLC  including marketing collateral, web development and branding.  When it comes to design, Darryl has a unique philosophy which includes working closely with clients to develop ideas and providing them with the marketing tools they need to help develop and grow their businesses.  He's one of a kind and only Darryl could translate our unique company name, The Entrepreneur Cafe, LLC, into that amazing visual logo of a coffee cup using two letters of the company's name.

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