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Authored by
Cavanaugh L. Gray
June 2012

In The Entrepreneurial Spirit Lives: 25 Tales to Help Entrepreneurs Start, Grow and Succeed in Small Business, life-long entrepreneur and educator, Cavanaugh L. Gray, founder of the web consultancy The Entrepreneur Café, LLC brings his passion for the discipline of  entrepreneurship and his decades of business development experience to the forefront in offering practical advice on addressing and  overcoming common management, marketing and financial obstacles that often slow small business development.

In this eclectic collection of  small business topics, Cavanaugh, provides practical and easy to follow advice while providing readers with downloadable and interactive  end of chapter exercises that make understanding, starting and growing your business easier and fun. The Entrepreneurial Spirit Lives is ideal  for individuals looking to gain a better understanding of small business concepts, start-ups looking to more effectively navigate the  entrepreneurial landscape, smaller organizations looking for ideas on how to expand their businesses and for entrepreneurs everywhere  nurturing a dream!


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You’re Never To Young To Be An Entrepreneur! 

Did you know that some of nation’s wealthiest and well known entrepreneurs got their start as teens?  Microsoft's, Bill Gates started software company called Traf-O-Data at the age of 15.  Wendy's Founder Dave Thomas, began his career in the food service business when he was 15.  TV personality Oprah Winfrey decided on a career in public speaking at the age of 12 after giving a speech at church.  Debbie Fields founded her Mrs. Field’s Cookie Empire on a recipe she developed at 13.  Billionaire Richard Branson developed the ideas behind what would become his Virgin Music empire.

A recent Gallup Organization Poll on the subject of youth entrepreneurship revealed that 70% high school students today are strongly interested in owning their own business; 90% of students rate their knowledge of entrepreneurship as “very poor” or only “fair”; 85

% report that public education has taught them “little” or practically “nothing” about how business works and 75% desire more entrepreneurship training. 

The Entrepreneur Café, LLC and the Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) remain committed to educating students and their parents on issues of youth entrepreneurship. Additionally we want to assist educators, faith-based institutions and community organizations in their efforts to promote the discipline of youth entrepreneurship. But we need your help.  Getting involved is easy . . . become an ambassador for youth entrepreneurship!  If you have a desire to support and encourage the dreams of youth through small business then purchase a copy of our Young Millionaire Training Workbook for a worthy student(s) today.  For organizations looking to lead a program for a large group of students contact us for quantity discounts.


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Hundreds of Small Business Resources to Help You Stay Connected In a Network Driven World!

You know what you need to succeed but you’re not exactly sure where to turn for help.  Well search no more!  The Entrepreneur Café, LLC has assembled hundreds of valuable small business association, management, marketing, finance and other resources to help you navigate your way to small business success. 

In our socially connected world and in an age dominated by search engines one thing that has changed is the need for quality business information.  My desire is that the resources you encounter in this database will:

  1. Spark ideas and lead you to new and even greater resources.
  2. Allow you to network with other entrepreneurs and share resources.
  3. Lastly, we hope the resources in this database will help you address management, marketing, and financial obstacles that could be slowing your business down.

This database represents The Entrepreneur Café, LLC’s commitment to providing your small business with accurate and timely information that will help you start, grow, and succeed!  Take advantage of this limited time discounted pricing and choose the database format that best fits your business needs downloaded PDF document or a customizable Excel spreadsheet, ideal for sorting, mailers, capturing contact names, or adding other notes and ideas.  Purchase your copy of the 2012 Small Business Database today . . . It’s What You Need to Succeed!






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