Karen Pratt of Kamelflage Inc.

"My personal business journey with Kamelflage began in the fall of 2008. I had been to a Joyce Meyer Women’s Conference that fall and the theme for the conference was titled Relentless. Joyce Meyer had spoken on being relentless, pursuing your dreams and never ever giving up. When I heard those words spoken something in me resonated and I was determined to pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur.  When I got home from the conference I could not shake that word “relentless.” I knew I wanted to start a business but I had no clue as to what it would be.  The Entrepreneur Cafe, LLC has been of great help in assisting me with writing my business plan.  When I first sat down with Cavanaugh and told him about my product and vision that I have for my business, I thought okay he knows what I want and I am confident that he's going to write a solid business plan for me.  Cavanaugh equipped me with a comprehensive outline and met with me on a regular basis.  Just like the professional he is, Cavanaugh explained to me what I needed to research in order to better understand my business and to move my dreams forward!"