Small Business Consultation


  • What's Your Most Pressing Small Business Problems?
  • What's Your Biggest Small Business Obstacle?
  • What's The Biggest Obstacle Stopping You From Achieving Your Small Business Dreams?


What if you could get the answers to your most pressing small business questions answered . . . all in a 30 minutes?

  • What will we do or sell?
  • Who should we target?
  • Who will do what?
  • What problems should we anticipate?
  • Will we need to borrow money?
  • What kind of advertising will we use?
  • How much should we charge?

Building Desire

A Consutlation with The Entrepreneur Cafe, LLC can help save you money in startup costs and countless hours of down time due to extensive learning curves that are associated with starting and running a small business.

Create Action

Whether you're a first time business owner or a seasoned entrepreneur, The Entrepreneur Cafe, LLC can add value to your next project, help you gain new perspecitve, and help you launch your winning business idea today.
Sessions are limited so be sure to sign up for your consultation today!